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About Us

Quantic Ohmega is the combination of Ohmega Technologies, LLC and Ticer Technologies, LLC, under the Quantic® Electronics group of companies. Quantic Ohmega Ticer manufactures OhmegaPly® Resistor-Conductor Material (RCM) and TCR® RCM in the USA and ships globally to leading Copper Clad Laminators and Printed Circuit Fabricators.

For more than five decades, we have been broadly designed into high reliability, design specific, printed circuit board resistive networks where performance is necessary, and failure is not an option. Millions of hours of flawless performance across high frequency antenna systems for ground, air and space demonstrate the value, versatility, robustness, and improved electrical performance OhmegaPly and Ticer TCR resistive copper foils provide.

The inclusion of the combined companies into the Quantic Electronics family of businesses provides opportunities for collaboration, increased R&D and investment to further expand the use of the RCM technology,

Quantic Electronics brings together the industry’s most distinguished electronics and manufacturing experts, in an elite portfolio of complementary design, engineering and manufacturing businesses. Our teams collaborate closely with customers, consulting engineer-to-engineer, on the most mission-critical applications in RF & Microwave, power, sensing and magnetics.