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The many benefits of OhmegaPly® and EHF resistive foils make them ideal replacements for chip resistors in high frequency microwave and RF circuit designs. These benefits include greater packaging densities, elimination of resistor assembly, weight savings, improved reliability with the elimination of mechanical solder joints and improved electrical performance with the reduction in the parasitic inductances and capacitances associated with the discrete chip resistors. These designs span both military and commercial applications and include use in phased array antennas, TRIMM modules, resistive cards (r-cards) and absorbers. Both OhmegaPly and EHF have been tested beyond 40 GHz with excellent stability and low insertion loss primarily due to the low-profile nature of the copper foil that is used for bonding to PTFE substrates. OhmegaPly and EHF are available on Rogers and AGC Multi-Materials (Taconic) substrates as well as other low dielectric constant/low loss materials.