TCR-EHF | Quantic Ohmega Ticer |

Communications networks for 5G, Satcom, Defense, Automotive and other applications continue to move toward mmWave frequencies. The antennas necessary to manage the high frequency but lower power signals within these advanced networks are increasingly moving from dish and horn antenna to flat panel, beam forming, AESA and massive MIMO designs. PCB designers and fabricators are looking for stable high frequency PCB dielectrics and smoother, thinner copper foils to realize the low latency, accuracy, and high capacity that these new networks can deliver to users.

It is well known that as signal speed increases, so does the “skin effect” causing the electrical energy to move nearer to the surface of the copper trace in a PCB. At these higher speeds, roughness profile and etching quality of embedded resistor foils are critical to achievement of the best possible insertion loss characteristics. To address this TCR-EHF utilizes a very low-profile copper which minimizes the losses over the entire length of the trace. TCR-EHF has been qualified on various high-performance laminates including those based on PPE/PPO polymer systems.

TCR-EHF is available in the full range of ohmic values and copper weights as standard TCR.

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