TCR | Quantic Ohmega Ticer |

TCR is a thin-film resistor foil that meets the ever-increasing challenges of packaging high-speed, high-density electronic devices.

Manufactured using a thin-film vapor disposition, TCR ensures excellent uniformity of resistor material across the sheet for higher yields and improved resistor tolerances in multilayer organic packages. It reduces form factor, increases the space available for active components, reduces weight and improves performance. TCR utilizes existing printed circuit fabrication processes and chemistries.

Increasing demand for faster processing and improved performance have generated new challenges in both digital and RF printed circuit board designs. Replacing discrete resistors on the surface of an electronic assembly improves signal routing, resulting in improved line impedance matching, shorter signal paths, reduced series inductance, elimination of inductive reactance, and reduced EMI, crosstalk and noise. SMT solder joint reduction improves reliability and shortens time to market.

Advantages of TCR

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