Space | Quantic Ohmega Ticer |

Absolute reliability is critical in space-based applications. That is why both OhmegaPly® and EHF are being used in more and more space-based designs. From Wilkinson power dividers in antennas to heater elements within PCB structures, our resistive foils provide optimized performance and increased stability and reliability. Localized heating and radiation-hardened electronics are crucial requirements for satellite systems. In the harsh environment of space, satellites are exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations and intense radiation, which can significantly affect their performance and longevity. The resistive foils are not affected by temperature extremes, magnetic and cosmic radiation or high G-forces and help to reduce the package weight while improving reliability by eliminating solder joints. Localized heating systems are essential to maintain optimal operating temperatures for sensitive components, preventing overheating or freezing. By controlling temperature variations, these systems ensure the longevity and reliability of onboard electronics. As a bonus, the thin-film resistors require low power for fast and localized temperature increases, reducing the size and weight of the necessary power device.